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2023 International Seminar on Environmental Technology and Green Energy

Date: 2023-07-05

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On June 1st, 2023, the research group from YunTech visited VNUHCM-US. The research teams of the two parties met and exchanged ideas, and held a seminar in the Department of the Environment with the theme of "Environmental Technology and Green Energy", there were 3 professors invited to present research sharing.
The seminar was opened by the two vice presidents from two universities and introduced owned universities. The event also invited Prof. Deng Wen-Ling, counselor of the Science and Technology Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam, as a special guest. Prof. Deng also introduced the overseas internship program that the National Science and Technology Council will launch for Vietnamese students. Students were freely invited to join the in-depth exchanges between Taiwan and Vietnam.


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Topic 1: Toward net-zero agri-food circular economy through insect-based biorefinery presented by Prof. Cheng Yu-Shen (Dean of Future College, YunTech; Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering). The report focuses on the topic of using larvae/insects to make environmentally friendly materials, creating an alternative food supply in the future. Using waste or agricultural residues as the main food source for larvae/insects also contributes to solving the waste problem for the environment, promoting and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and limiting global climate change.

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Topic 2: Green Power Generation from Waste Air of Exhaust Pipes in Industry Factories presented by Prof. Tseng Shi-Chang (Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, YunTech). Energy utilization and energy conversion are very important in the industry. Therefore, the manufacture of devices that utilize energy from waste streams on an industrial scale will help increase conversion capacity and reduce environmental impact. The research focuses on the design and manufacture of small-scale gas turbine equipment operating based on the driving force from the exhaust gases of the exhaust devices. Various designs were made and aerodynamic simulations were investigated to find the optimal shape of the turbine blades. This research, when applied on an industrial scale, will help save energy by producing energy from the dynamics of the exhaust gas, contributing to making the most of it and increasing the ability to convert energy to achieve the goal of “green energy”.


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Topic 3: Open waste burning: recent status, emission, and air pollution presented by Prof. To Thi Hien (Head of the Environmental Technology Department, Faculty of Environment)
The current status of open burning in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries shows that pollutants generated during combustion have a great influence on the air environment and human health, especially fine dust. Prof. Hien also shared a study by the group in measuring the amount of fine dust PM1 and PM2.5 from burning straw after the crop and burning household waste in the residential area, the amount of fine dust is very high in the area, combustion up to about 1000 µg/m3 for PM2.5 dust and 300 µg/m3 for PM1. Further studies such as the chemical composition of dust and emission factors from open combustion are necessary for the control and management of air pollution.


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The seminar was successfully folded up, and the two teams also took a precious group photo at the Vietnamese office of the "Taiwan-Vietnam Environmental Protection Overseas Research Center" and discussed the future cooperation and development between the two universities in green energy and environmental protection.

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  • News/Photos provided by YunTech TVEPOC


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