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Info Session/ by iaountan/ January 20, 2020


Speakers for the sharing session and general lecture (Gian, Michael Vica, Mr. Eric, Prof Bien Chiang, Miss Jean Cheng, Dania, Rizka, and Janice)

Speakers for the sharing session and general lecture (Gian, Michael Vica, Mr. Eric, Prof Bien Chiang, Miss Jean Cheng, Dania, Rizka, and Janice)


Department of Architecture of Universitas Tanjungpura held a sharing session for  “International workshop at National Taitung University” and also a general lecture by Prof. Bien Chiang titled “In-house burial and bilateral namesake: Paiwan house as the core of historical memory” at Faculty of Engineering, Pontianak, 15 January 2020.

This occasion was attended by around 60 participants mainly from the architecture department as well as several students from other departments at Untan. This sharing session and the general lecture were opened by the Dean, represented by Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Ing Ir Slamet Widodo M.

The sharing session was delivered by five students (Gian Vicky Aristo Sinaga, Michael Vica Tendiono, Dania Al-Yakoob, Galuh Rizka Fitri Nobela, and Janice Zaneta) who participated in the “International Workshop on Cultural Heritage, Community Empowerment and Sustainable Management of the Austronesian Peoples” held at National Taitung University, Taiwan on 9-13 October 2019.

Each student presented different topics starting from Brief Introduction of Taiwan History, Societies & Cultures of the Austronesian Peoples, Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples, to Organic Agriculture & Community Support. On this occasion Michael Vica stated that by joining this workshop he realized that architecture/building culture is a universal language to connect people. This argument is strengthened by Janice Zaneta’s statement stating that indigenous people from Indonesia and Taiwan are one family proven by the similarity of language, culture, and housing.

After the sharing session, a general lecture was delivered by Prof. Bien Chiang, leader of Austronesian Culture NTTU Institute of Anthropology started. He was accompanied by two other NTTU lecturers (Eric Siu-kei Cheng and Jean Cheng). The lecture mainly talks about house society, a concept brought by Levi Strauss “house is a social group”. The concept is inline with the condition of indigenous people around Taiwan especially for Paiwan People, one of the indigenous people in Taiwan. By the existence of Paiwan Houses, we can learn the history or the culture from the infrastructure of the houses. If a house is decorated with a lot of boar tusk, it means the owner of that house is a great hunter. When there is a special carving in a house, it means the owner is an aristocrat at that circle. Through the in-house burial, we can know how many people born or used to live there. Paiwan houses are important pieces in studying the history of the Paiwan people of their time. This general lecture is intended specifically to spread information about the culture of indigenous people especially the culture of Taiwan houses, so that this culture does not disappear and can be preserved.


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