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Vietnam wants to 'go fast and far' in developing AI

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Vietnam is in the early stage of AI development. It has made a strong start at the A level, and is, step by step, moving towards the B and C levels.


AI is present in Vietnam in all fields where data are generated and in automation, such as corporate financial reports, failure prediction or machine maintenance, and process automation.


Ha Binh Than, CEO of Lac Viet Computing Corporation, believes that AI will be popular thanks to mobile terminals, cloud computing, machine learning algorithms and deep learning on increasingly faster and stronger infrastructure, according to Moore's Law.

Bosch, the world's leading group in terms of providing AI-based services, has been expanding its investments in Vietnam since 2008.

Robert Bosch Engineering Vietnam believes that the demand for AI is very high, especially in agriculture, service, environment, administration management and transport. However, the development has been hindered by the thinking that AI application is still 'unnecessary' or  'too early' for a developing country like Vietnam.


AI has been used at farms to predict crops, crop diseases, and increase yield and harvesting quality. Meanwhile, state management agencies use AI to manage traffic and replace paper tickets.


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