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Growing edtech company in Myanmar highlights digital literacy

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By Zachary Frye               




CCEducare, a company focused on digital education in Myanmar, was founded in 2017 by Chit Aein Thu, one of the winners of this year's Southeast Asia Women of the Future Awards.


As citizens' access to Internet throughout the country is growing immensely, CCEducare is bringing digital literacy to a generation of students who will come of age in an information-based global economy.


A host of problems continue to impact Myanmar's education system, including poorly-resourced schools, ongoing humanitarian crises and armed conflict, especially in places like Rakhine, Kachin and Shan states. Despite these issues, CCEducare is playing its part as an organization with innovative solutions to bolster digital education.


"We envision Myanmar becoming a country where all the students can have access to equal education opportunities. [Our] mission is to reduce the limitation of quality education access using information technology," Chit Thu told ASEAN Today.


Most high schools in Myanmar are set to open on July 21, with primary and middle schools opening a few weeks later. Although CCEducare isn't part of the country's public school system, its unique approach shows the promise of private-public partnerships for engaging Myanmar's youth and furthering the country's educational goals.


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