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Drones to fly over 70% of country under Digital Sky watch

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The Economic Times


India will give permissions for drone flights only through Digital Sky, nearly two years after the single-window platform for drone-related matters was initially launched.

The move, which came into effect on August 15, will allow only those drones that comply with the country's ‘no permission, no take-off’ (NPNT) protocol to operate in areas demarcated as green and yellow zones, permitting them to fly over almost 70% of the country's landmass.

Drone flights over urban areas, near defence and strategic installations, airports and border areas, which are categorised as red zones, will need clearances from relevant security agencies before take-off.

“With all green and yellow zones activated on August 15, all doubts about the NPNT concept, spread by vested interests, have been laid to rest,” said Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation. “All manufacturers should now focus only on making top quality products with the NPNT feature.”


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