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Exclusive interview – CEO Cheng, Cheng-Mount Together with Taiwan's startups, Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) explores business opportunities in Southeast Asia

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MOST Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement 


The rapid growth of the digital economy of "Greater Southeast Asia" has made the region up for grabs for businesses globally, and Taiwan is no exception. In recent years, Taiwan's startup ecosystem has successively emerged in Southeast Asia with the lead of the "Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA)"!


Cheng, Cheng-Mount, Deputy Minister of the National Development Council doubling as CEO of ASVDA, talked to the Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (MOST GASE) by sharing how ASVDA help guided Taiwan's startups deploy business investment in the Southeast Asia.


ASVDA boosts partnership for startups on business deployment in Southeast Asia market


Over the years, Southeast Asia is no longer just a base for skilled labor and manufacturing. Cheng explains that due to the rise of young consumer groups and sufficient middle-class population, Southeast Asia is currently the world’s fastest-growing consumer market. Under the influence of the prevalence of mobile phones, new brands and new products are highly accepted by local young people, which has made this region the best testbeds for Taiwan's startups. Moreover, as Taiwan and Southeast Asia share similar geographic location and lifestyle, with "right time" and "right place", ASVDA’s mission is to establish partnership by matching local compatriot community and government resources in Southeast Asia to help Taiwan's startups further expand into the market.


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