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Indian companies to spend 2.6% of their revenues on building voice capabilities: Cognizant survey

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The Economic Times


Chennai: Indian companies plan to spend 2.6% of their revenues on building voice capabilities in the next five years, a Cognizant survey revealed on Tuesday. This investment strategy is fueled by high expectations for returns, as they are aiming to drive 6% of their revenue through voice during the same period. "Whether digital or brick-and-mortar, businesses will have to pivot to voice to be heard by their customers in the present and future. Just like companies needed an internet strategy in the '90s, a search strategy in 2000 and a mobile strategy in 2010, they now need a Voice strategy," said Manish Bahl, Associate Vice President, Center for the Future of Work, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Cognizant.


Covid-19 has served as an inflection point for "gradual" to "sudden" voice adoption wherein 92% of Indian respondents believed that the shift from "touch" to "voice" will only accelerate further in the future and 70% (regional average 74%) view voice as important or extremely important for their brand's future success.


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