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The Future of AI Collaboration between India and Taiwan

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The Government of Taiwan recently launched several initiatives and policies aimed at fostering growth in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain. With these, Taiwan hopes to become a significant player for AI-enabled intelligent systems in the global value chain. Similarly, the Indian government is increasing its investments in the country's AI space. While Taiwan has made considerable headway, India remains at a nascent stage. How can India and Taiwan collaborate on key AI issues to foster innovation, develop robust regulations, and build their talent pools? Can industry partnerships between AI start-ups in India and Taiwan encourage AI growth?


Join us as we host Pao-Ann Hsiung, Umakant Soni, and Ashit Kumar Padhi in a discussion on the future of AI collaboration between India and Taiwan. The discussion will be moderated by Rajesh Bansal.


To submit a question for the event, please email Participants may also submit their questions through the Q&A box in the Zoom webinar or the comments section on our YouTube livestream.


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