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「Science and Technology Innovation Centers (STICs), Ministry of Science and Technology」 Introductions in four languages of new southbound countries

Date: 2022-01-03

To make the brochure easier for people from new southbound countries to understand the latest information on the development of science and technology in Taiwan and the current 12 Science and Technology Innovation Centers (STICs) in 9 new southbound countries, MOST's website "New Southbound Science & Technology Cooperation" officially launched the brochures in 4 languages: Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Malay. People from the countries could know more about our country's "Science and Technology Innovation Centers (STICs)."


"Science and Technology Innovation Centers funded by MOST" was established on October 1, 2017. There are currently 12 centers in 9 countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India to set up scientific research cooperation offices. The offices jointly promote Taiwan's scientific research and technological energy with STICs teams. The cooperation includes medical material innovation, smart healthcare, clean water quality, agricultural research, environmental conservation, circular economy and green energy innovation, urban changes, intellectual property, semiconductor and biomedical technology, environmental sustainability and AI artificial intelligence, etc.


The brochure was firstly designed in Chinese and English. To implement the goals of MOST “Innovation, Inclusiveness, Sustainability” to promote new southbound policy, New Southbound Science & Technology Office (NSSTC) translated the brochure in four languages of southbound countries as below. 

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