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S&T Exchange and Cooperation

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I. Introduction

International exchange of S&T personnel


To foster exchanges between Taiwan's research personnel and the worldwide S&T community, MOST provides funding for domestic research teams to participate in international academic organizations. MOST also subsidizes scholars to attend international conferences, hold international seminars, and invite foreign S&T experts for short visits to Taiwan.


International S&T cooperation


In the effort to promote bilateral and multilateral S&T exchange with other countries, MOST has signed 126 cooperation agreements with 43 nations and 3 international organizations, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the European Molecular Biology Conference and European Molecular Biology Organization. And off course the new southbound country such as India, Philippines and Vietnam. Cooperation takes the form of building exchanges among researchers, organizing joint symposia, conducting collaborative research projects, promoting high-level official visits, and conferring international awards such as the Prix Scientifique Franco-Taiwanais and the Tsungming Tu Award. All these efforts help develop practical partnerships with other countries while promoting diplomacy and supporting the government's foreign policies.


Overseas divisions


To foster international S&T exchange requires a strong network of exchange relationships. MOST currently oversees 17 S&T divisions in 14 countries. In addition to promoting bilateral S&T cooperation, liaising with foreign S&T agencies, maintaining contacts with scholars residing abroad, and organizing overseas S&T seminars, these divisions have been actively recruiting overseas talents to meet the domestic needs for S&T development. To further broaden and deepen cooperation for S&T innovation, the Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Center Program offers grants for hub-centers to be established by domestic universities in collaboration with foreign agencies. In 2017, projects were approved for six hub-centers to be set up in Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, respectively; conducting research on humanities, medicine, nature, agriculture, and engineering.


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