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Capacity Building of Disaster Risk Management for APEC region

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I. Introduction

During last 10 years, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)has been actively supporting and promoting APEC agendas related disaster risk reduction (DRR), for example emergency preparedness and impact assessment of typhoon. Through proposing DRR initiatives and hosting relevant activities, MOST has expressed its ambition to share DRR technology with APEC member economies and enhance bilateral or multilateral cooperation based on the best practices of Taiwan.


An inventory check of MOTS's participation in APEC DRR forums, MOST has strong constitutions to Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG) and Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI). Since 2005, MOST has taken a lead to EPWG in working group agenda and hosting training workshop and accumulated practical cases of regional and international collaborations. Under PPSTI, MOST had established the APEC Research Center for Typhoon & Society (ACTS) to facilitate scientific research. From2019, MOST will integrate participation to EWPG and PPSTI and further increase Taiwan's influence on regional DRR developments.


MOST's work is aimed at APEC Disaster Risk Reduction Framework and existing operations to assist in DRR capacity building and emergency preparedness based on technology exchange, and cross-boundary collaboration. By hosting capacity building workshops, it will closely integrate capacity and resources of domestic and international partners to jointly work on improving regional disaster resilience and the project will also support MOST's new south-bound project on disaster risk management and research.

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