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Promote Talent Exchange and Cultivation

International Joint-Research and Training Program

Increase academic and technological exchange with developing countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Support and assist domestic academic and research institutions establish collaborative networks and platforms in the aforementioned regions. Strengthen bilateral and multilateral technological collaboration and facilitate an environment conducive to signing FTAs with countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Southbound Development and Cooperation of Science Education TV Programs

Promote Taiwan’s technological development and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) through subsidizing the production and broadcast of such films. These films shall also promote how AI has benefited Taiwan and neighboring countries. In addition, create films focused on Austronesian biodiversity. These will teach audiences about Taiwan’s unique and fascinating natural environment, and demonstrate the connection between ecosystems in Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. Such films will also establish connections between the people of Taiwan and countries in Southeast Asia. Facilitating this type of bilateral exchange will deepen the understanding of technological development and natural commonalities between Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Recruitment of Visiting Science and Technology Personnel

Through this subsidizing platform, facilitate and strengthen academic, talent, and technological exchange with New Southbound partner countries.