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Science and Technology Innovation Center (STIC)

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Science and Technology Innovation Center (STIC)

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To align with the New Southbound Policy (NSP), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has been providing funding for academic institutions in Taiwan and their counterparts in South and Southeast Asian countries to establish “Science and Technology Innovation Centers (STICs).” Since 2017, 12 STICs have been set up in 10 countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Cambodia and Myanmar.

STIC project has deepened scientific and technological cooperation between Taiwan and NSP-target countries. Since 2017, STICs have attained remarkable achievements in areas of sustainable energy, smart healthcare system, artificial intelligence, ecological conservation, environmental protection as well as humanities and social science. STIC project has successfully enhanced the substantive relationships between Taiwan and NSP-target countries.

Science and Technology Innovation Center list

2020 Approved Subsidy Scheme (Duration of the Scheme: 2020/09/01-2023/08/31)
Field Principal Investigator Institution Name Location
Biotechnology Fong-Chin Su(Senior Vice President) National Cheng Kung University Taiwan Center for Smart Healthcare Science and Technology in Thailand Thailand
Biotechnology Shyi-Dong Yeh (Professor) National Chung Hsing University Functioning of Overseas Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center (ASTIC) in Vietnam Vietnam
Biotechnology Duujian Tsai (Chair Professor) Pingtung Christian Hospital Taiwan-Cambodia Medicine, Humanities, Science and Technology Innovation Center Cambodia
Engineering Chwen-Tzeng Su(Vice President) National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Taiwan-Vietnam Environmental Protection Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Center(TVEOC) Vietnam
Engineering Dr. Ta-Sung Lee(Vice President) National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Taiwan-Malaysia Semiconductor and Biomedical Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Center Malaysia
Humanities Dar-Hsin Chen(Vice President) National Taipei University Taiwan-Indonesia Operations Plan for Overseas Science and Technology Center of Urban Environment Change and Land Resource Management Indonesia
2018 Approved Subsidy Scheme (Duration of the Scheme: 2018/11/01-2021/10/31 )
FieldPrincipal InvestigatorInstitutionNameLocation
HumanitiesMing-Cheng Kuo (President)National Chengchi University Science and Technology Innovation Center for Taiwan-Philippines Indigenous Knowledge, Local Knowledge and Sustainable Studies Philippines
BiotechnologyChih-Wen Kuo (Vice President for International Affairs)National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan and Sri Lanka Environmental Change Sciences and Technology Innovation Center (TS/ECSTIC) Sri Lanka
EngineeringShi-Ming Huang (Dean for Research and Development)National Chung Cheng University Taiwan-India Joint Research Center on Artificial Intelligence India
BiotechnologyLiang-Yo Yang (Dean, Office of Global Affairs)China Medical University Taiwan-Singapore Aging and Cancer Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Center Singapore
EngineeringShih-Chang Hsin (Senior Vice President)National Tsing Hua University Taiwan-Malaysia Innovation Center for Clean Water and Sustainable Energy Malaysia
HumanitiesKuo, Ming-Yu (Dean of Research and Development )National Chi Nan University Taiwan-Myanmar Overseas Economic Surveys Research Center Myanmar
2017 Approved Subsidy Scheme (Duration of the Scheme: 2017/10/01-2020/09/30 )
FieldPrincipal InvestigatorInstitutionNameLocation
EngineeringTsair-Fuh Lin (Professor)National Cheng Kung University Taiwan-Philippines Joint Water Quality Research and Innovation Center Philippines
BiotechnologyDuujian Tsai (Chair Professor)Pingtung Christian Hospital Taiwan-Thailand Medical Tech., Science & Humanities Development Center Thailand
BiotechnologyChia-Wei Li (Professor)National Tsing Hua University Vietnam-Taiwan Joint Plant Conservation Research Center Vietnam
BiotechnologyShyi-Dong Yeh (Professor)National Chung Hsing University VAAS-NCHU Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Vietnam
HumanitiesBien Chiang (Professor)National Taitung University Center of Southeast Asian Ethnicities, Cultures and Societies: A joint project between Taiwan and Indonesia Indonesia
EngineeringSu-Ling Fan (Professor)Tamkang University Taiwan-Malaysia Digital Technology International Centre (DiTIC) Malaysia
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