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VAAS-NCHU Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation
I. Introduction
National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) has been playing a world-leading role in the research of tropical and subtropical agriculture for decades. NCHU has also been an important institution to enhance the governmental assistance for promoting the agricultural production for developing countries. NCHU has recently selected Southeastern Asian countries as the major partners for modern agricultural technology transfers. Through the mutual collaborations, Taiwan can help transfer modern agricultural technology to upgrade agricultural production of developing countries and also deployed international markets of our Agro-biotech business. The formal and current Presidents of VAAS have visited NCHU several times and signed a scientific collaboration agreement with NCHU in 2014. Based on the intimate relationship between NCHU and VAAS, in this project we selected VAAS at Hanoi, Vietnam, as our major partner for promoting the mutual cooperation in agricultural science and technology.
In cope with the governmental New-South bound police, we intended to establish an overseas Agricultural Science and technology Innovation Center at VAAS, Hanoi to strengthen the collaboration between Taiwan and Vietnam. The Biotechnology Center of NCHU and the International Science and Technology Center of VAAS are the two contact windows for fascinating all collaborative affairs. In this special project, NCHU will mobilize the leading top scientist on different agri-biotech industries, including the modern plant protection bio-industries of agricultural biofertilizer, biopesticide, control of soil-borne diseases, production of pathogen-free seedlings and virus control; and modern food industries of food processing and functional foods. Through the operation of this overseas agricultural STIC at VAAS, the collaborative platforms of above items will be established via different VAAS-controlled research institutions and associated universities.
The major mission of this center will focus on promoting personnel exchanges and training, collaborating to solve important problems of agriculture in Vietnam. Most importantly, through technology transfers and intellectual properties agreement with the STIC associated with VAAS and private sectors, modern agri-biotech industries will be introduced from Taiwan to upgrade the level of Vietnam agricultural production, and at the same time the payment of IP loyalty and the establishment of overseas markets will benefit Taiwan. We believe that this NCHU-VAAS overseas STIC will not only help transform Vietnam agri-biotech industries, but also provide a good model for other Southeastern and South Asian counties for the export of Taiwan Agri-biotech technology and the deployment our international markets.
II. Highlights
20171207 NCHU signed an academic exchange and cooperation agreement with Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS).
Under the coordination of Prof. Woo-Nang Chang, the retired professor of NCHU Horticulture Department. We attained an agreement with VAAS to sign a comprehensive academic cooperation agreement with NCHU, in order to promote academic research and talent exchange, as well as the establishment of a new agricultural biotechnology industry.
20180204 Visitation of Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hanoi to discuss the establishment of VAAS-NCHU ASTIC
Prof. Yeh and Prof. Chang visited the headquarters of VAAS. They first visited the Department of Science & International Cooperation to discuss with Dr. Bui Quang Dang, then the staffs led them to the VAAS-NCHU ASTIC office. Later, they discuss about the cooperation projects and related matters with Dr. Dang and Deputy Director of VAAS Dr. Le Quoc Thanh, and signed an official agreement.
20180205 Visitation of the virus-free passion fruit seedlings nursery of NaFoods in Que Phong county, Nghe An province
The visiting group arrived at Vinh city to view the virus detection laboratory assisted by Prof. Yeh. Under the accompany of Mr. Pham Duy Thai, head of NaFoods nursery, we also visited the virus-free passion fruit seedlings nursery in Que Phong, a place located near the border of Laos. We carefully stated some recommendations and asked to record, hoping that they pay attention to the mother plant, as a virus-free condition. We also planned for personnel training, management and the service mode of the virus detection laboratory. NaFoods has signed a 2.4 million technical transfer contract with NCHU in 2016, as a “win-win” example for Taiwan-Vietnam cooperation.
20180208 Visit to Hanoi Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI)
The Deputy Director Dr. Ha Min Tanh did his research in the laboratory of Prof. Jenn-Wen Huang in NCHU Plant Pathology Department for four years and got his doctoral degree. He is currently the Deputy Director of PPRI, and this is a model for talent education. We talked to the Deputy Director, the Director of plant disease group, Dr. Dao Hung Anh, and the Deputy Director, Dr. Ngoc, also a young researcher who in charge of the passion fruit virus detection, Mr. Duy Hung. Three of them are plant virologists. They planned to carry out a comprehensive investigation of the Vietnamese passion fruit virus to confirm the main virus infecting passion fruit in Vietname. We also exchanged the idea of introducing papaya tissue culture seedlings from Taiwan, in order to control the papaya virus by cross protection strategy. In addition, we have also planned for the prevention and control of soil diseases, by introducing biologics developed by Prof. Huang, to effectively control the soil diseases of pepper and coffee.
20180423 VAAS-NCHU Agricultural Sciences and Technology Innovation Cooperation Unveiling Ceremony
Under the subsidy program of Ministry of Science and Technology, Prof. Shyi-Dong Yeh from NCHU spent a lot of time planning for the establishment of VAAS-NCHU Agricultural Sciences and Technology Innovation Cooperation (VAAS-NCHU ASTIC) in VAAS headquarters in Hanoi. After finally completed all the preparations for VAAS-NCHU ASTIC, and officially opened on April 23rd. A total of 9 delegations from NCHU were invited by Prof. Yeh, including the President of NCHU Mr. Fuh-Sheng Shieu, Vice President Jenn-Wen Huang, Director of Biotechnology Center Fuh-Jyh Jan, International Affairs Office Division Director Wen-Ling Deng, Deputy Dean of the College of Agricultural and Natural Resources Sheng-Yang Wang, Global Research and Industry alliance CEO Chu-Wan Hong, Chief Operating Officer Yung-Kai Lin and Professor of Horticultural Department Woo-Nang Chang.
20180424 Unveiling ceremony of virus detection center of Hanoi NaFoods company
The virus detection center was unveiled by Dr. Nguyen Van Viet, Director of Research Department in NaFoods, and Mr. Pham Duy Thai, head of the nursery field. Prof. Yeh and Prof. Chang reported the work of virus detection center, then the PhD student, Mr. Yee-Hang Chong reported the technical guidance and preliminary results.
20180615 Vietname Fruit and Vegetable Institute visit Dept. Plant Pathology, NCHU Agriculture and Environment Building Courtesy Signing MOU
Dr. Nguyen Quoc Hung, Dean of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, Dr. Tran Ngoc Hung, Chair of the Biotechnology Department, Dr. Vu Viet Hung, Chair of the Fruit Tree Department, Ms. Le Thi Ha, Director of International Affairs, and Ms. Hoang Thi Tuyet Nhung, the Chief Director, a total of 5 people came to NCHU on June 15th, 2018. Prof. Yeh, host of the program led a seminar with professors of related departments, and signed a memorandum of cooperation with the dean of the College of Agriculture, Dr. Su-Chin, Chen, to cooperate and complete the research on management of papaya ring spot virus (PRSV) and papaya tissue culture and propagation technology in Vietnam.
20181005 Crop Soil Disease Dissemination Conference
The Vietnamese representatives, Deputy Dean of VAAS, Dr. Phem Van Toan, and NCHU representatives, Academician Dr. Shyi-Dong Yeh, host the opening ceremony. Dr. Bui Quang Dang, Director of VAAS International Affairs Office, in charged the whole event, while Dr. Ha Minh Thanh, Deputy Director of Plant Protection Research Institute, was responsible for the venue layout, the meeting schedule and the agenda printing. Dr. Tong-Yi, Li, Head of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Vietnam also came and pay tribute. It can be seen that both sides attach importance to this seminar. In part of Taiwan, the Vice President of NCHU led the relevant experts in Soil Disease to join the seminar, including two companies Advanced Green Biotechnology Inc. and Jia Non Biotech Shareholding Company. There were all together 10 participants from Taiwan and 35 experts from Vietnam, and also two major group companies, Hop Tri and Loc Troi. 48 scholars attended the seminar, all experts from Taiwan and Vietnam, and large enterprises from both sides also joined the event, this is a very successful combination of the industry, learning and research. This seminar was also high valued by VAAS, two deputy deans of VAAS participated the whole event, and gave us a warm reception at the dinner. This was an important and successful seminar.
20181213-15 「Propagation system of virus-free passionfruit seedlings in Vietnam and development of mild strains for control of passionfruit virus」2018 Future Tech
Virus-free passionfruit seedlings were examined by molecular detection method and transferred to Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam can produce 4 million seedlings a year, becoming an important passionfruit production country. In 2018, ‘Nafoods-NCHU Plant Virus Certification Center’ was established to ensure the production of virus-free passionfruit seedlings. Currently, we are developing mild vaccine to protect passionfruit for sustainable production.
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