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Taiwan-Malaysia Digital Technology International Centre (DiTIC)
I. Introduction
The Centre is established in University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) on the 1st November 2017 in Malaysia. The core research area of the Centre are Building Information Modeling (BIM), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and big data but it is not limited to aforementioned areas. The collaboration is initiated by Taiwan Tamkang University, inviting collaborations from the Malaysian universities, professors, industries and government agencies. The Centre is committed to be the core frontier in bilateral exchange of scientific and technological research, nurturing talents and technological development.
II. Highlights
2018.1.28~1.31 UoRM Visiting Trip
In order to promote the professional collaboration and information exchange between Taiwan and Malaysia, this activity invites professionals from multi-disciplines to participate. Participants are divided into (1) professional group (professors and industry professionals), (2) student group (undergraduates and high school students) and (3) sightseeing group (accompanying relatives and friends). The participants for the three groups will depart together, stay in the same hotel but each groups has its own activity schedule.
Student delegation visits departments of the University of Reading, Malaysia
2018.1.29 MOU and MOA Signing Ceremony of the Malaysian Project Management and Information Technology International Centre
UoRM academic staffs are invited to visit Taiwan for research collaboration lasting for 3weeks. 2018.06
2019.2.19~2.23 Taiwan Industry and Education Visiting Group
In order to promote Taiwan and Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries to communicate more, this event invites all walks of life to participate in the cross-school and cross-disciplinary activities, and arranges universities, industry and important tourist attractions in Taiwan to visit the tour groups.
2019.2.19、2.21 Taiwan and Malaysia Industry Cooperation Symposium
Invited Professors from Malaysia, Dr. Goh Hui Hwang to deliver a topic on Foreign Engineers and Foreign Companies Registration and Investment Prospects in Malaysia and Dr. Chai Chang Saar on Malaysia Construction Industry Overview.
The Office of Economic and Trade Negotiations of the Executive Yuan, the Technical Department of the Engineering Committee of the Executive Yuan, the Labor Inspection Office of the New Taipei City Government, and related industries in Taiwan attended the meeting. This meeting is important to initiate Taiwanese and Malaysian professors and industry professionals to improve Taiwan-Malaysia collaboration in academic and industry prospects.
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