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Promote Regional Academic Cooperation

An Integrated Program for Intelligent Prevention of Natural Disasters and International Cooperative Research on Earth Sciences in Southeast Asia

Involve various groups and organizations of academic experts based on the different needs of New Southbound partner countries and past collaboration. Utilize the value-adding strength of Taiwan’s cutting-edge science and technology to formulate international collaborative projects that are long-term and meaningful. Strengthen substantive research in disaster management and other relevant environmental topics. Construct and bolster the Nansha Taiping and Dongsha Atoll Research Stations and develop a real-time transmission system. Help New Southbound partner countries establish and develop information systems for decision support in disaster management as well as bolstering disaster prevention management capabilities and technical services.

Engineering and Technology Application Project

Through engineering projects focused on public wellbeing, use Taiwan’s experience and technical capacities in scientific development to encourage collaborative academic research and academic exchange. These projects shall possess practical engineering applications and involve New Southbound partner countries.

Emerging and Re-emerging Infection Disease in Taiwan

Conduct clinical studies and basic research with New Southbound partner countries on emerging communicable diseases such as common zoonotic infectious disease, influenza, tuberculosis, enterovirus and dengue fever that have appeared in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and South Asia. Train professionals in relevant fields and conduct research in mosquito-borne diseases, vaccines for emerging communicable diseases and diagnostic systems.

Agricultural Technology Foresight and Biodiversity Impacts

Develop non-chemical plant and animal protectant technology and products, which are forward-looking and economically viable with New Southbound partner countries. Aim to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and increase the quality and yield of agricultural products. Strengthen bilateral agricultural exchange in talent and technology as well as train international agricultural professionals.

New Southward Research Project on Humanities and Cross-Disciplines

Plan joint research into how Mandarin Chinese and related cultural phenomena are spread and interpreted in Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. Seek out local knowledge into the global blending of the Chinese language and cultural production. Through mutual respect and benefit, seek out to establish cultural ties and facilitate Taiwanese higher education and research to take root in New Southbound partner countries.

Take into consideration India’s growing economic, technological and cultural influence, which has been noticed by the international community. In order to strengthen Taiwan-India academic collaboration in the social sciences, plan the establishment of academic links in the humanities and social sciences. Encourage researchers from both countries to engage in collaborative exchange.

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Bio-Technology Research Program

Through topics related to healthcare and agricultural technology, encourage Taiwanese academics to use existing basic research to expand and add value to international exchange. Make proper use of limited international collaborative resources to increase the exposure of Taiwan’s accomplishments in scientific research.