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Promote Talent Exchange and Cultivation

International Joint-Research and Training Program

Increase academic and technological exchange with developing countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Support and assist domestic academic and research institutions establish collaborative networks and platforms in the aforementioned regions. Strengthen bilateral and multilateral technological collaboration and facilitate an environment conducive to signing FTAs with countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Southbound Development and Cooperation of Science Education TV Programs

NSTC media projects have brought together academic and creative professionals. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, these projects aim to inspire the public's curiosity about exploring science by transforming innovative research results and scientific knowledge into easy-to-understand and engaging video content. In 2023, the NSTC funded two media projects, "Dr. Kudo's Psychiatric Detective Agency" and "Popular Science Popular Art" - Exploring the Ocean from a Scientific Perspective.

"Dr. Kudo's Psychiatric Detective Agency" aims to enhance public awareness and appreciation for psychiatric medicine and introduce concepts related to the diagnosis and treatment of common mental disorders by combining expert-level scientific explanations with animated content.

"Popular Science Popular Art" has used various formats such as stage plays, picture books, and popular science videos to integrate elements of marine science into creative works. This approach aims to introduce the public to a deeper understanding of marine science and Taiwan's marine technological capabilities. The film was honored with a nomination for Best Natural Science Documentary Program at the 58th Golden Bell Awards.

Link for Dr. Kudo's Psychiatric Detective Agency

Link for Popular Science Popular Art - Exploring the Ocean from a Scientific Perspective

Recruitment of Visiting Science and Technology Personnel

Through this subsidizing platform, facilitate and strengthen academic, talent, and technological exchange with New Southbound partner countries.