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Upstart fintech company looks to strengthen female entrepreneurship in ASEAN

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By Zachary Frye                        


In early 2020, a fintech startup called Lucy was established with the intention of helping female entrepreneurs who are “overlooked, underestimated and underbanked.”


Currently testing out its pilot program, the team at Lucy plans to launch full services later this year. After starting its services in Singapore, they plan to expand throughout Southeast Asia. The startup says its focus on using technology to make impactful investments for female business owners can help underserved entrepreneurs expand their operations.


According to Lucy's CEO Debbie Watkins, the company will focus its client offerings on financial services through a mobile application that helps keep track of important information.


“We will be providing a range of financial services—from safekeeping and savings, to remittances and credit. Each of these will be customer centric. They will be tailored to address the specific challenges of the different [economic] segments that we will be serving,” Watkins told ASEAN Today.


They also plan to help foster community and connections to other business owners throughout the region.


“A key part of Lucy will also be the community—connecting women entrepreneurs across all socio-economic groups to enable them to provide practical advice to each other,” she added.


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