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Build International Collaboration Platform

Science and Technology Innovation Center (STIC)

Jointly establish Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Centers (STIC) in New Southbound partner countries in conjunction with local institutions. Promote substantive, transnational, cross-discipline collaborations and exchanges in innovative technology.

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Science & Technology Exchange and Cooperation

Convene high-level meetings in technology with New Southbound partner countries, specifically Vietnam, India and the Philippines. Jointly approve and carry out collaborative research projects and bilateral symposiums. In addition, strive for further exchange with the 15 other New Southbound partner countries.

Capacity Building of Disaster Risk Management for APEC Region

Under existing frameworks established by APEC, assist New Southbound partner countries strengthen and bolster disaster risk management capabilities through sharing experience and technology in disaster risk management. Subsequently, facilitate exchange and collaboration in scientific research for disaster risk management. In addition, fulfil Taiwan’s objectives in exporting disaster risk management technology to foreign countries.

APEC Research Center for Advanced Biohydrogen Technology (ACABT)

The goal of this project is to establish and maintain an APEC Research Center for Advanced Biohydrogen Technology (ACABT) and a promotion and service platform for global technical cooperation in biogas energy for Asia-Pacific economies. These actions aim to drive forward the development of biomass energy technology and their applications. By holding industrial innovation contests, we can inspire economies in the APEC region to learn and build a sharing economy. This will bring Taiwan towards achieving its goals in the development of advanced biomass energy technology and the facilitation of substantial exchange between Taiwan and APEC economies.

Special Project on Project Management for International S&T Cooperation with Target Countries in the New Southbound Policy

Support National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)’s goal of strengthening collaborative scientific research with New Southbound partner countries. This project utilizes a Project Office format to strive for comprehensive capabilities in KPIs and the promotion of substantive results. Proactively establish communication networks between NSTC’s Overseas Science and Technology Divisions, STICs, the offices of New Southbound partner countries in Taiwan and other relevant institutions. Strengthen these communication networks to expand points of contact and resources of NSTC’s New Southbound Policy.